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Confirmation dialog box that can be called from within a microflow


Sometimes within a microflow you'd want to give the user an option, or ask for confirmation based on a certain logic. In this case, you would want to give a message to, and get input from the user during a microflow, where the user can click yes/no/cancel. Based on the given answer, the microflow will continue and execute different logic/actions for different answers.

I can imagine it would work something like this, for example in a save object microflow


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Ah. That widget is more than just a confirmation on buttons, it actually provides a way to do what this idea is about.

The widget generates a button, that executes a microflow, and then show shows a confirmation to execute another microflow.

So for example on a User_New page, it could generate a Save button that executes a User_Save microflow, then show a dialogbox: "Do you want to create another User?", and then based on the input of the user, show the User_New page again (or not).


Yeah, I understand the idea and support it.

Just saying the widget that Sjors linked seems kind of outdated as the confirmation option on buttons is now default in Mendix.


No, that is for a confirmation before executing the microflow. What I mean is a confirmition within a microflow, where the result of the confirmation can be used to follow a different path within the microflow.


Isn't that widget already covered in your normal Microflow Button under Edit Microflow Settings?


That's an awesome widget! I was not aware this widget existed, thanks!

Although I would also prefer if this was default possible in Mendix, this does indeed suit my needs :)


Hi Bart, although I like to stick with default Mendix by adding additional validationscreens and microflows there's a widget called Confirmation Button in the App store. Does it maybe suit your needs?