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Extract submicroflow... option for single selection.


I really like the 'Extract submicroflow...' function, but it only works if multiple actions are selected.

Quite often I find e.g. a single Change Action where I need to add additional logic. If in that case I want to refactor that in a sub microflow I always have to fiddle around a bit.

It would be so much easier to directly extract that single action in a submicroflow and start refactoring from there.

regards, Fabian

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@Arjan: ok, great!


Agree with you Fabian. This choice of not allowing a single element to be extracted has always boggled me. I always add a dummy action, extract and delete the dummy action.


Good hint Andrej, but the point is not to need a workaround. After all we're here for rapid development :)

btw. please don't claim this Idea to be 'implemented' just because of an existing workaround.