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It should be possible to switch between create or change object in a Microflow


Sometimes we have to switch from create object to change object in a Microflow. When a lot of attributes are already filled in the create object it takes a lot of time to copy them over to the change object and sometimes leads to mistakes and therefor regression on working functionality.

This could be improved in two ways:

1. Make it possible to switch between create or change.

2. It is possible in the overview of the action to copy attributes from the create/change object and paste them into another create/change object.

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In Mendix 7.12 the Modeler will retain settings when switching between 'Change object' and 'Create object': the commit and refresh settings and all the actual changes! 

PS: If you also want to see a 'retrieve/create' combination activity, I would recommend creating a new idea for this. Perhaps with some ideas on what it would look like. 


I think this idea could be implemented in a more generic way. It's ok if the Create and Edit are seperate actions, but it's annoying that the mapping for attributes is removed when switching between them. The same happens in more parts of the modelere, you're switching between things that are compatible, but the modeler doesn't detect that and you have to remap everything.


I would keep those 2 ideas seperate. Sometimes you don't want to create an object if it doesn't exist. I think it should be a third action called RetrieveCreate. Having errors on empty objects are a good thing


Great idea, with one addition. If the change is executed it should check if it exists or not. If not, it should be nice to be able to create the object aswell. In that case you will never end up with errors if an specific object is retrieved empty.