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Passing parameters to Microflows


Hi everybody,

I was facing a problem last week regarding an operation on a specific element of an entity with a microflow. As we all now, we need to pass a complete entity but I'd like to provide a parameter to the workflow which states if the operation is performed on a specific attribute of the entity. 

I.e. if I have a simple orderscreen and the entity contains a few products (I know, we should do it dynamically but this was the best solution for now) and I'd like to create a plus and minus button to increase or decrease the amount of the specific attribute, I need to create a separate microflow to do this. I can make a sub-microflow but I still need to do it multiple times. Using an extra parameter within the microflow makes it reusable. 

Please note, I'm still pretty new to Mendix and I know things can be solved differently, but I think this type of functionality would help.


Kind regards and all the best


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Totally agree with this, microflows would be way more usable if you could set raw parameters on a button and pass them into the flow.