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Alignment tools for microflows


It would be great to have some basic alignment tools for microflows, similar to what drawing tools provide. It doesn't need to be a very sophisticated algorithm that aligns the entire microflow content, but more something like

e.g. select some microflow actions, and perform alignment actions:

- align horizontally

- align vertically

- space equally

- snap to grid (with ability to define the grid size)

- change color

- etc.

See this movie as example:

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Great idea! I would like to add to make this available for the domain model as well. As an extra bonus, you could add an auto clean-up function to declutter complex domain models. Where, in the end, the model as the least amount of crossing associations as possible.


Great idea! Your idea has been picked up.

Aligning horizontally/vertically and distribute (evenly) will be available in 7.18


Yes, very much needed.

Perhaps also a snap feature; while holding shift or ctrl, the action automatically snaps into the dotted lines.
I am "suffering" RSI at the moment and I feel that my arm and hand are tensed while placing an action nicely in line with other actions. So a snap feature will help a lot to prevent RSI.



Awesome feature!


Yes please!


Great idea, nice example already!