Transfer values of enums into integer and show them in a field (same entity)

I want to calculate some values and show the results but I have some difficulties achieving that. I have saved three values as enumeration in an entity – shown here:  I want to transfer these enum values into integer values in the first place that I can further process them:  3 → 3 2 → 6 1 → 9 My (tried) approach(es) for that are:  Sorry for the censorship – let me explain:  The input parameter is the entity in which the enum values are saved.  Content of the exclusive split: $describedEntity/enumAttribute My tries of the enumeration value sequence flows: _3:   _1: similar but with the workaround of creating a value, changing the variable value and returning them _2: simply returning the value six in the end event I want put out the result out here:  However, so far I was not able to show the needed integer values  (3, 6 or 9) here.  For completeness here the respected entity:  Thank you so much for your support! So far I have oriented on that approach: Best regards, Robert
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Hi Robert,

Not getting the picture… to much sensorship :D

Either model it, you can look in virtual attributes or use data.

You can also use different data model, with a reference selector. Form → Value

The Value object can contain the enum and a weighted value attribute.

When user associates the form with the value object you can calculate it. Down side is that you have to set the data in your database.


Cheers, Andries