Using deeplinks with login pages

Users of my app will be ‘invited’ rather than be able to register. This will involve the admin creating them an account with a default password and an email being sent to them asking them to complete the sign up. Similar to a forgotten password email, it will contain a deeplink that will take them to a page that will ask them to input a new password. Once this is done they will be able to log in correctly. I have configured the deeplink and set my default page to the DeepLinkHome microflow and if I follow the link I am sent to the appropriate page. However if I access my app normally as if I was going to log in, nothing displays. I have the deeplinkhome microflow as the default home page and my login page as the default authentication page. I have tried to follow the docs Where am I going wrong?
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I would not solve this with a deeplink. Use a microflow as your standard home flow. In this microflow check if this user is logging in for the first time by checking a boolean that you have set when you created the account. Then depending on this boolean either show the normal home page or if the person is logging in for the first time show him the page to change his password. You can create custom save logic to double check if the user really has changed the password. And do not forget to set the booelan to false again otherwise it keeps going to the change password page.