Module 7.4.1 Create an Expression to Calculate the End Date

Hello, I can’t seem to understand the instructions on this section: When I’m on the “Edit Change Item” window, I’ve tried to type what it says on steps 2, 3, and 5, but it all gives me an error. Step 2: addDays(Date and time, Integer/Long), it gives me this: Step 3: addDays([start date], [duration]), it gives me this:   Step 5: ($TrainingEvent/StartDate), I get this: I’m not sure if I’m understanding this wrong, or if the instructions are vague. I don’t know exactly what to type in there to get rid of the errors. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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You’re almost there with your last attempt, you’ve just missed the duration parameter. So if you wanted to add 2 days to the start date to get the end date, you’d need to enter

addDays($TrainingEvent/StartDate, 2)

The first parameter is the date you want to start with, the second parameter is the duration. 

Hope this helps.