progress bar of a microflow

Hi, I want to display a progress bar for a long microflow. The simple idea is to put a certain value at the beggining of the microflow, another one in the middle, another one in the end, Then use that value in a progress bar. The problem is that the value retrieved by the progress bar do not take the values set in the microflow, it will only take the first value before the microflow, and the last one after the microflow. Someone have an idea?  Thanks!
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The microflow is running in a transaction so your changes won’t be seen by outside calls until the microflow completes.

I’ve not tested this, but have you looked at calling a small microflow to set the status using RunMicroflowAsyncInQueue or executeMicroflowInBackground in Community Commons. This will run outside the transaction I believe. You can’t change the same entity as your main microflow as that is in the transaction, but if you are updating another entity with the progress that may work. If you try it let me know.