How to create custom list from a microflow?

Right now i  am having a hard time trying to figure out how to create a list from ‘Artikel’ that is under a certain minimum amount. The current microflow looks like this: I’ve checked if it actually works with the iteration, and it does. The ‘Artikel’ that are under minimum will be added to a list ‘OnderMinimum’. I can't seem to figure out how to create a listView/ page where these items wich are in the ‘OnderMinimum’ list.
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To retrieve the Artikel objects that are below a certain threshold you could create an Xpath for that. Is a bit faster then iterating over your list. We can help you with the XPath if you give some details on which  attributes you want to check. You then have to check if the parameter Artikel is part of that list. You have list operations for that:

Use the contain function to see if Artikel is part of the ArtikelList. If true you can do the stuff you want to do.