Data grid with source microflow

Hi Team , I have a microflow which have input parameter as a list and the microflow is also returning a list , I want this microflow as a data source to my data grid but when i am trying to populate data grid with this microflow , I am getting error saying “parameter ‘xyz.list’ of selected microflow does not match available argument .No argument are available to grid 1. I have tried by placing the grid inside data view of xyz entity but then it’s mismatching between input parameter as xyz.list and argument as xyz object .    Please let me know if you have some solution 
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Data source microflows cannot take a list of objects as an input parameter. They can take either:

  • A single object
  • Nothing


This is because a data grid lives alone on a page, or inside of some context widget (i.e., in a data view or a list view). The object or objects that is available as input to your data source microflow is the object from a data view or list view that wraps it.

Please update your question with some additional information about what you’re trying to accomplish, and how the input list factors into this. Then we can help you find a solution!


In order to model this pattern, you should use what is called a helper object.

  1. Create a new, non-persisted entity in your data model called Helper
  2. Add a many-to-many association from Helper to the objects you multi-select
  3. After you multi-select items in the first list, an action button on the data grid should be able to run a microflow with a list of objects.
  4. In that microflow, accept the list of selected items, create a new Helper object, and set the many-to-many association to the list of objects, and then open the page with the second list. Pass the Helper object as a parameter to the page.
  5. On your second page, you should have a data view set to use a Helper object from context
  6. Put your data grid inside this data view, and set up a data source microflow
  7. The input parameter to this microflow will be your helper object, and you can use a retrieve action to get the list of objects that you had multi-selected