Filter list operation Equals property

I’m new to Mendix and working through the Learning path for Advanced Page building.  Module 4 requires a microflow to retrieve Requests and filter them for ‘Approved’ in order to display both ‘Submitted’ and ‘Approved’ requests but I’m having problems with the ‘Equals’ property filter list operation.  I’ve input: Operation – Filter List – RequestList(List of Expenses.Request) Member – Status (Enumeration ‘Status’) Equals – trying to filter ‘Approved’ requests but keep getting errors on the expression If you’ve completed the learning path please put me out of my misery on how I get ‘Approved’ requests!! Thank you.    
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When you filter on an enumeration, you have to specify the value to filter for in the format Module.Enumeration.ID  I’ve pasted an example from one my apps below.

BTW, in the expression dialog box, CTRL-Shift will show you a context sensitive list of elements you can use in this expression.

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