Changing associations in microflows

In my application users can submit a request for an order and higher ranks can then accept or deny these requests. So if a request costs less than 1000 euro's, a projectleader should get assigned to this request to accept or deny. I have made accounts with different user roles, like user and projectleader etc. After the decision block for calculating what the totalprice is in a microflow, what do i note in the change object activity to assign it to a projectleader?  
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Hi Haval,

You need to retrieve the project leader account first (e.g. if there is just one project leader account in your project and ‘ProjectLeader’ is your user role name then, retrieve account from data base get the first object and set XPath as [System.UserRoles = '[%UserRole_ProjectLeader%]'] ), then in the change object set this retrieve project leader account in association.


Hope this helps!