Deeplink: close page functionality

Hi, In my project we use deeplinks to send users to a project edit page. The same edit page is also available through navigation in the app itself. At this point we use default close page / cancel buttons with close page on the project edit page. However, when opening through a deeplink this will result in an error since there is no underlying page. I know I can solve this by using custom close page / cancel buttons but I was wondering if there is another (easy) solution? Edit: I guess what I'm looking for is maybe to open 2 pages via the Deeplink: a Home page and then the specific page. This would I would fix the issue in 1 place, instead of catching all potential other scenario's of closing a page accesible via the Deeplink   Mx 8.6.4 / 8.6.2
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Create two pages and use a snippet?





Could you have an attribute in an entity that indicates if the project edit page was reached via a deeplink or not. You could then use this to decide to how to handle the close / cancel buttons. It could be you use this flag to add conditional visibility on those buttons.


In your microflow to enter by deeplink you could do 2 show pages one after another.

The frist show page should open de homepage, the 2 nd one should open the deeplinked page.

That way when that deeplinked page gets’s closed, the homepage is still there.