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HI, I have several tables where data is imported from excel spreadsheets.  The data is imported into import/staging tables where I can check the quality of the data prior to moving it to the storage tables and applying associations etc. Some of these files are quite large and so the microflow dealing with the processing can take a few mins. How can I add a loading screen/animation so that the user knows that the system is doing something as at the moment when they click the button the do not know anything is happening until the get the Processing Complete message at the end of the microflow. I have tried creating a page that says Data processing please wait and making opening the page the first step of the microflow but the page does not open. I also tried a non blocking message but the message does not appear either. I know when using the excel importer there is a loading animation while the sheet is being imported so I would like the same sort of thing here. Thanks
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You can configure a progress bar in the settings of the call microflow button.  See the screenshot below:


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