Previous microflow being executed automatically

Hi,   On my first page I call a microflow  on button click and the button is surrounded by a dataview that calls 1st microflow , I navigate by button click to another page and in there I call 2nd microflow on button click, but my 1st microflow is called right after this .   Do you know why this is happening? is there a cache that is calling it as I don’t call 1st microflow anywhere else except for the first page’s button click? Edit: the first button that is surrounded by dataview and calls another microflow onclick (the dataview microflow “OEn_Page_1_3” is the issue that gets called after 2nd button): the second button:   commit screenshot:   Domain Thanks
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If you commit and refresh the SessionState object in microflow ACT_Define_Confirm (or any other microflow), the data source microflow for the data view (OEn_Page_1_3) will be re-executed.