How to map and load object array to activity?

I have got ’folderListResponse’ by Microflow call Rest, the ’code’ and ’msg’ are correct, but ’data’ is empty       JSON Structure Domain Model   Import Mapping   Postman  Sample
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You selected in the import mapping a “Find by key” action for the last entity. This means it will look up whether the item exists in the database. What behaviour did you set when the FolderListReponseData item is not found? So: what did you select in this window?



Side note: in general, it's a best-practice for performance reasons to use non-persistent entities in REST-services. After validating the data, you could store the data in another persistent entity by copying the data.


First check your console to if you received any errors. Furthermore you can do two things: Set the JSON log level to trace and set REST Consume to trace. Now set a breakpoint in your microflow where you do the REST action. You can then see what is returned. The reason for not showing the data might also be security related so make sure that the user is allowed to see the data.