How can i get month,number of weeks from given date range?

When i give from and to dates i want to get month,number weeks in the same and i want to retrieve the forms count which are created in the date range and  how to show those counts in weekly basis. can anyone help on this? I have requirement like, count no of registration done when a user give “from” date and “to” date.For example, if a user give date range from  1st Jan 2020 to 16th Jan 2020.I have to count number of registration done during the user given i have to fill number of registration done on 1st jan 2020 to 5th jan 2020  in “ week number”  1 ,6th  jan 2020 to 12th jan 2020 in “week number” 2 ,13th jan 2020to 16th jan 2020 in “week number ” 3
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Hi Shanthimeena,

Assuming the registrations are stored in your database, you could create a loop like this to create a datapoint for every week and count the amount of registrations using an XPath as shown below.

Does this help?