How to use open a page function in MicroFlow synchronously

Hi, experts In my case, a button will trigger a microflow. And in the microflow, I want to open a dialog page to input some value. and then run the microflow continuously. My microflow is below. I’ve tested many kinds of pages here then I find the page (and also the message) will open after the hole flow has done. I think it maybe likes the async in javascript. But in the microflow, I want to make it synchronously. Thanks, Yi
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Hi Yi,

Like Andrej says, that's not the way Mendix works; as the microflow is run on the server and returns a set of instructions back to the client (browser) after it is finished.

I think you should be able to split the logic in two flows: one doing the preparation of your logic and showing the dialog and one finalizing the logic having the last input.

Hopefully you can continue this way!

Kind regards,