Is there a function to get the entity specialization name as text for an instance of a generalized entity?

Say I have a entity ‘color’ and  a specialization of color ‘blue’. Microflow A take as a parameter a ‘color’ entity. I pass an instance of ‘blue’ to microflow A. In microflow A I want the answer to the question ‘what specialization is this color?’. The answer – “blue”. I do not want to use inheritance or object type switch. But in view of that capability, clearly the information I want is knowable. I just want the entity specialization name as text and not in combination with flow control. The use case is data denormalization.
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Passing the Object to a java action and retrieve the ID followed by a getObjectType would yield the objecttype name, but I would go for the inheritance split as an easier option.

For the java part see: