Learning Path: Building an Event App Using Microflows, Module 3.2.2

After creating the microflow BCO_ProgramItem you add the validation to the items that are presented. How do you write the decision expression for the last item which is, “Is the start- and end time within the time of the chosen day?” also what validation feedback message do you choose?  - The Studio Version is 8.10.0  
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As you have the association to the day object that contains the start and end times you can compare on those.

So this will be something like:

$Programitem/MyFirstModule.Programitem_Day/MyFirstModule.Day/endtime >= $Programitem/endtime 
$Programitem/MyFirstModule.Programitem_Day/MyFirstModule.Day/starttime >= $Programitem/starttime

As for the validation feedback this is a specific action that allows you to set a validation message under on of the fields on a page and the message is defined by you. So you could also choose to use 2 decisions and check the starttime in one and the endtime in the second decision and make sure to set the validation messages under the appropriate field when the validation fails.