How to call a microflow that would access clicked list item?

I have a dynamic list. I need to select an item in this list and click on a button to run a microflow, that would pass t.his object from the list to another page. How can I implement it? I have an idea, I could use booleans to mark clicked list item, and then when I click on a button a microflow would go through the whole list to find the item where this boolean is true. Is there a better more optimal solution?
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Sounds like you are using a Listview.  If so, here are a couple of ways to do this:

  • configure the On Click action of the Listview to point to the microflow.  When you click on a row, this microflow will be called with the row you clicked on passed as a parameter
  • Configure one or more of the items in your Listview as microflow buttons that call the target microflow.  These items can display text, icons, etc.  This way is the approach I use when my Listview offers other capabilities to the user, such as inline editing.

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Two additional possibilities:

  • use a Selected boolean.  In the microflow (or nanoflow) that is called when the row is clicked, make sure you set all rows except the one that was just clicked to not selected.
  • another way you could do this would be to create an association to store the currently selected row.  The on click microflow for you list view would simply set that association value to the clicked row.  The button outside of the list view would use that association (and could be disabled if the association is empty)

Hi Maxim,

In additition to Mike's answer, for a standalone button place a dataview above/under the listview and set as data source 'Listen to’ and select your listview. That way the row or object clicked is available for the dataview. In the dataview place your button and the parameter will be available in your microflow.