Split a date range into their days

Hi all,  Is it possible to split a date range into their days? Example Input: StartDate is 13/07/2020 EndDate is 17/07/2020. Result: 5 Objects with single Days. Maybe it works with a microflow and a loop function... Or, is there possibly another way?   I need the possibility to enter specific working hours in the date range for each day
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You could use adysBetween to calculate the number of days.

And a loop using a merge to create an object for each day.

Something like this?


Made it :) Thanks to all :)


You could indeed use a loop construction in a microflow, using addDays($variable,1).

If you want to take into account holidays, besides weekend days, I would propose a Day entity. Make pages so you can manage the days. Then use it by querying the database like [date >= 13/07/2020 and date <= 17/07/2020 and working_day = true]. When using the aggregate microflow action to counting the number of days, this should be a well performing query.