help me in this issue

if we click on that button then it will add one row below the button you can see in image. add multiple text boxes  as per click (we can say as per user choice) see below image which i done in html and java Script.  i want to do it same like this in mendix platform     In a page, i add dataview for Insurance and add button in the dataview. and Add editable list view with AdditionalInsured and the details editable. When i click the button call the nanoflow create a new AdditionalInsured object .   but my screen look like this as beloww image and button not performing any action where i call nanoflow .plz help me to achieve result  
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Really !!! 

Guys, please communicate within your team or company. This is the 3rd ticket on the same item.


If you double click the button, in the properties window, under events select the option "call nanoflow" and select the nanoflow that you created. 

Also make sure your button does not have “Inverse” style.

IMHO, you must really go through the Rapid application development course so could avoid asking the basic questions in the forum.