Microflow to view Subtasks

Hi Everyone I want to create a microflow in my TaskManager module that displays parent and child tasks on two different datagrids on my task overview page when i click on any task or subtasks. Below is my task entity :   I have the parent tasks on the left side datagrid with a constraint "IsSubTask=false”. On clicking a task it displays its subtask datagrid (with constraint [TaskManager.ParentTask_ChildTask='[%CurrentObject%]']) on right side which is in a dataview that listens to parent tasks.  Below is the microflow to create subtasks     My question is can anyone please describe a microflow that displays the subtasks of a subtask when double clicking it. For example i click on Subtask with UID3 i want it to be displayed on left side as parent task and its children on right side .So this way i can view infinite levels of subtasks.  
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An idea:

Create a duplicate of you current task page (the one with the two grids)

Put both datagrids inside a dataview with data source type = context and entity(path) = Task.

Put the following xpath in the datagrid on the left hand side: [TaskManager.ParentTask_ChildTask='[%CurrentObject%]']

Now you can open this new page on doubleclick in the sub-task in the first page.

I hope this helps.