How to pass header information and detail information to the screen

Hi,Experts. Don't you have an idea to do the following? It is a model in which multiple item information is linked to the header information. If you try to achieve this with the Domain model, you will get the following: ・Header domain model ・item domain model ・Association of "Header: item (1:*)" In this case, the item will be the parent. Therefore, when returning the above result by Micorflow, it cannot be returned by one Object. I want to display header and detail information on the screen at the same time, but don't you know a good way? I also considered the following method, but decided that it was not possible. -Return the header object and details  List.   ⇒ Objects of different Domain Models cannot be returned in Micorflow. -Acquire and return details and headers with different microflows.   You cannot execute multiple microflows in one action.
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