Option to include Parameter missing

I am new to Mendix and sorry if this is very basic. I am currently exploring Mendix Studio.  I created a new microflow with ‘ Show Message’ activity but I am not able to see the option to include a parameter in this activity. This feature is available in Mendix Studio Pro. Is it missing from Mendix Studio?         While in Mendix Studio Pro we can see an option to include a parameter as shown below    
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Yep, this is not possible in Mendix Studio at this moment.

In Mendix Studio Pro, you have to add this in the Template text:


and then one attribute lower you can add Parameter $HelloWorld

You can make this change in Mendix Studio Pro, commit your change and go back to Mendix Studio where now you see a warning shows up:

And the ReadMore:

Mendix Studio is still a new young product with only limited features with the intention that it is useful for Citizen Developers.