List of multiple objects as JSON

Hi, I currently create a Mendix application to provide a Rest-Service which provides MindsphereVariables in a JSON Format. { "mindSpheres": [ { "appName": "", "appVersion": "", "hostTenant": "dfcsehbb", "host": "", "userTenant": "", "clientId": "", "clientSecret": "", "dataPoints": [ { "assetId": "421", "aspect": "1232", "variables": [ { "propertyName": "Sum_MTFB", "type": "TimeSeries", "visualization": "SinglePoint", "dataType": "double", "unit": "m/s" } ] } ] } ] } Therefore I used the export mapping of Mendix.  At creation of the Mendix object structure and afterwards export of it, the JSON always contains the first added Asset and it´s first element.  Do you have any idea? The easiest would be to have a list for AssetJSON and Variables instead of references – i guess
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If I understand correctly, I believe you need to go through the import map and uncheck some of the arrays that contain the objects.

I was having the same issue (if it was the same one) that there was always an empty asset above, and I only wanted the table object with properties. 

So to alleviate that I had to uncheck the initial array before the objects. So I would assume in a deeper nested array of objects, you would probably need to do the same thing.