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Hi everybody, I’m currently having some problems with file and image uploaders. When I upload a file or image, the object that has a reference to that file or image-entity is automatically comitted. This causes problems in my logging.  When I change certain fields and upload a file, I can’t use the isNew($objectName) fuctionality becouse it’s never a new object becouse the fileUploader causes the object to be comitted.  1. What I want is the following: When I create a new user, I want to upload a file. Then I validatie wheather other fields are “not empty”. Then I want to do some logging. First I want to check isNew($objectName) to check if it is a new user. If it is, then the previous value should be set to “Not applicable”. If it is not a new user then I need to retrieve the user from the database (based on a unique identifier) and check all attributes that could have been changed. If an attribute changed create a new logItem. Any ideas on how to implement this fuctionality?
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Hi Jannes,


Is this concerning a 1-1 association? if you change the associated object in an object event, or when associated objects are being ‘autocommitted’.

About what you want: You can check the object from BD (Split), against the one you have as a parameter. If it has changed, you create a log-item, merge, and move on to the next attribute you'd like to check.

Hope this helps you.