Calculate with enumeration values

Hello, I have created a whole lot of enumerations with possible answers to questions in my app. There are mostly three (in some cases two) possible values for the enumeration and of course an empty enumeration. I would like to calculate with the values of the enumeration. In order to calculate I would like to translate an empty enumeration to 0 (zero) ‘points’, and the three or two possible values of values of the enumeration to respectively 1, 2 or 3 ‘points’. However I can't figure out how to do this; can somebody help me out to solve this problem?
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Use a split action that based of the enumeration attribute value you split in different paths. You can then to in each path a different calculation.





That's a good idea, Ronald; thank you!

Since I really have a lot of enumerations (probably something like 100), I would like to make one microflow that gives the ‘points’ to the enumerations, to prevent creating a boatload of microflows just to give the points. 

Is this possible and how would I to do something like this; could you perhaps give a more details how I could do this?