Pie Chart displaying count of enumeration (instead of string) as percentage

I want to display the count of enumeration (as percentage) in a Pie Chart using Pie chart widget   Below is my microflow.            Can anyone describe in detail a microflow that fetches the count of "Status” enumeration attribute and displays it in the PieChart. I do not want to manually fill in the decimal values in PieChart1y & PieChart2y but it should be automatically fetched by the microflow.
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Hi Ajit, 

I will just share you the steps to return the values via microflow instead of edit it.

For example, I am going to show the count of students based on gender.

Step 1 : Create a Non-Persistable entity like below

Step 2:  Create a page which has a pie chart widget 

Step 3:  Add the below configuration details for pie chart widget

Step 4 DS Microflow which will calculate values 

In the create object, I am mapping the values for both gender like below. Thats why two create objects.

The Output will be like this 

I hope this will helps you.

Please let me know if you need any clarifications


Hi I need to bullding 3 pie chart and the content inside its 6 products. can u help me ? 


There is a "Create list" activity in Microflow to create a new list