Autocommitted objects and the end of transaction crashs in the middle of the transaction

Hello, I am seeing here a mysterious behavior and would be curious about your oppinion on that topic. I am getting the error message, that there “Autocommitted objects detected at end of transaction for system session for entities”.  So far, so good. What I am wondering about is, that this issue appears during the debugging action before the transaction is finaly finished. Also the described object is not marked as autocommitted. My expectation would be, that the error would appear at the end of the transaction and I would see on debugging Autocommitted objects. How do you see it?  
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Did you check if different instances of the same object are in the list you are committing? Maybe on one of them an association was set and on the other one not. I have seen issues with this in the past. Especially if stuff is happening in submicroflows, it can be hard to identify if there is an autocommitted object or not, because you may not be able to see it in the debugger.


That seems logical to me. Unless it can detect that those objects are not not touched anymore in the rest of the microflow(s). But that seems unlikely to me. I would file a support ticket (but it would mean handing over the model and data). It’s high time that Mendix rethink autocommitted objects again. Seen to much weird stuff on that front.