String + enum value possible?

Hi all, I want to make some URL generic associated with a particular service query in a change object. This url must be composed of a string (https: //) + a tenantID (also a string), for example e9480 + a variable value from an enumeration (depending on Query name) For example:,%22time%22:%22PAST24%22,%22type%22:%22INTEGRATION_FLOW%22%7D- or,%22status%22:%22STARTED%22%7D  However, you can only use the + with strings or numbers. Does anyone have an idea how I can still configure this complete link? The last part of the URL varies and depends on the query name. How can I still merge these three parts or is that not possible?  
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Hi Patrick, 


getKey or getCaption method for an enum would return string. 

with the help of these methods, you must be able to construct the URL as you might require.


Exclusive split on the enum and construct URL based on that.

Hope this helps. Otherwise I might have misunderstood your question.