How to create microflow for retrieve data based on attribute?

Hii,          I have created the one entity which contain the attribute mobile number,name ,address and so on.I want to show data based on mobile attribute.For that, I have created the two pages. One is for accept mobile number and second is for display data based on mobile number. In first page, I have added data view of same entity with the textbox which accept mobile number and (submit) button on which when I click which shows the data based on mobile number in second page. So I didn’t understand how to create MF logic for this condition.
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Without knowing your usecase completely, I can suggest the following:

  1. Have an NPE (like a helper entity) with mobile number attribute in Page 1
  2. When user enter Mobile number and press button
  3. In the MF behind the button, take the Mobile number entered from NPE, have a DB retrieve call based on the mobile number to get the entity or record
  4. Pass that entity to the Page 2
  5. Show in data view


If you are really stubborn with same entity it would probably be same approach.