Display Data in Table Based on Selection

Hi, I Have 2 list view side by side  on click of list A ,data it placed in list B and on click of list B data it placed in list A for that I use Boolean value when it true goes to list A and hide in list B . Now I want To Proceed selected  list Data from list B to the dynamic Table as a table heading . How can I do this?  I try  to retrieve List B data iterate it and make it’s value true and then show the page in which table is present the value is come there but it’s a boolean  like yes no it’s showing but I want the name  for example : I select Architecture then this architecture should display in table  column as a heading. If I select 2 data in list then that 2 selected data  should be display in table in  separate column.   Thanks in Advance
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Hi Payal, 

Based on my understanding what you are expecting is: rendering list of objects in to columns. 

When select entity or object in list B, those are entities: like tuples. 

By default, Mendix supports displaying of records or tuples or objects in a list. It is not possible to show the selected records to columnized view. Because, we must know the number of columns ahead during the development. 

Lets say if you select 100 objects from list B, then you need 100 columns, which is also a bad practice to program like this.

If it is a fixed number of objects selected from list B (like 5 or 10) then we think of alternate ways to do this.

May be you need rethink your approach. 

Check this : https://forum.mendix.com/link/questions/102263

It is similar question, but he is working with limited set of data.