How to display a Yes/No popup within a Microflow and branch based on the user clicking on Yes or No?

I seem to be spinning my wheels on this and am probably making this way more complicated, but have been unable to figure it out. In short, I’m looking for a way to display a popup dialog to the user, within my microflow, to get the user to click either Okay or Cancel, and based on what they click, branch my microflow logic accordingly. For example, I have a microflow triggered from a button onclick on a page. It simply updates a boolean in an object. I’d like to be able to display a message to the user “You are about to change this flag, are you sure you want to proceed?”, and then using a Decision in the microflow to either change the boolean in the object or not.  It seems this simple yes/no dialog is really tripping me up. Thank you in advance for any help.  
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Of course, as soon as I post my question, I stumbled up on the answer. Answering my own question here for the benefit of others…..

This is somewhat accomplished by setting the call to the microflow  to use a confirmation progress bar. Within the Edit Action for the button that is used to call the microflow, look at the Events section, and when the “On click” is set to “Call a microflow”  you’ll see another option titled “Microflow settings”.  Click on the Edit button to get the screen I’ve pasted below:

This is where you can specify whether the user gets a confirmation before actually triggering the microflow or not. Yeah!!!



Hi Scott,


Thanks for asking your question on the forum. In case you need to apply more custom logic on either the accept or cancel action, you could consider using the Show confirmation action in the Nanoflow Commons module as well. This action enabled you to use your own button captions as well. As you can see in the screenshot, you will be able to apply custom logic in the true and false branch.


Hopefully, this helps.