How to support pagnation in Datagrid with microflow datasource.

Dear, I find when Datagrid use database datasource,  it can support server side pagnation.    if page size is 5,  only 5 entity return to client( check in chrome network). But when use microflow as datasource,  although page size is setted, but all records will return to client.   So, the Datagrid pagnation is paging in browser. We have a very big data table and need to do some data transformation before return to client.     Now this cause Datagrid show very very slowly. How to support pagnation in mircoflow in Datagrid?      
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Instead of the Mendix pagination you could work with the following approach.

  1. Domain model structure with NPE which captures the page, limit and offset
  2. Create the page with dataview for Pagination object and list over association
  3. Datasource of pagination create pagination object, sets the default limit & offset and retrieves the first set of list objects using limit & offset. And sets the *-* association from pagiation to the retrieved list
  4. Paging buttons will increase or decrease the offset and set paging number, retrives the next list of list objects and set the association from the pagination object to the new retrieved list




As far as I know, it is not possible to get the pagesize/page number using a microflow datasource.

In an old post they suggests to use the tree and gridview widget as a workaround.