Group box buttons control over a microflow

Hi all, I have a group box of 3 buttons- [24 Hours], [7 Days], [1 Month] and I have a Data Grid which is populated by a Microflow, which returns a list of objects {timestamp (DateTime), value (int)}. The GET REST call to retrieve that list of objects has 2 parameters – start and end which are Unix epoch format. Initially in the microflow I do create the two dates, using DateTime to Long Java action and I pass it to the GET, but my question is how to change these two dates based on which button is currently clicked? How to filter, make a new call with different START and END based on which button is clicked? 
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Create three grids on the page that are fed by a specific MF and the buttons only make sure which grid is shown.

Alternative would be to let the buttons influence an object that surrounds the grid and in this way you could pass the object to the microflow and based on an attribute change the dates. The attribute is then being set by the buttons that will also refresh the surrounding object to trigger the retrieval by the datasource MF.