Store information in a page and retrieve it when accessing the same page later.

We have Page 1 - an input form that contains a Report generation button which will use the details entered on Page 1 and generate a visual report and opens the Report Page. We now want to be able to go back to Page 1 and retain the values that were entered earlier, edit them and be able to generate the report with th updated values. We have not been able to achieve it as of now because 1. We are using a Microflow to open Page 1 that passes a page parameter with the details retrieved from the database 1 based on the login details. 2. We are using a Nested data view (that is present inside the data view with the page parameter) to enter the details for report Generation.  3. If we save the Page 1 data and then go to report page and try come back, we need a new microflow now that retrieves the data.  But we already have a microflow that creates the entity when we initially load the page. We are unable to create a page that stores data initially and when again accessed retrieves the data that was entered. I am also adding the links to access the page in a Navigation bar where I am using the same link for accessing the page for the first time and also after some time when i have already accessed some other page with similar functionality, I want to access the 1st page with the retrieved data.  
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2 options​​​​, where in both situations you need an 1-1 association between the objects ClientInformation and CAD_DATA_Management

  1. Before accessing page 1 the first time, navigate using a microflow which creates the CAD_DATA_Management object and associateit to the ClientInformation obect. In the page you show the CAD_DATA_Management object over (the new) association.
  2. Same situation as current, though the Datasource microflow is a catch or create. Retrieve over association the CAD_DATA_Management object and create the CAD_DATA_Management object and sets the association if non existing otherwise use the retrieved object. 


In general I’m not fond of datasource microflows, though in some situations it can be a better solution.

hope this helps.