Objects over association in microflow unavailable, but are on page?

I’m having a strange issue whereas I cannot retrieve (to delete) an old set of newly-created uncommitted associated objects, but when the page parameter is passed to the page and retrieves those associated objects, those become available and are (unnecessarily) shown. It seems the garbage collector is showing old data that isn’t available in the microflow. For some context, newly created microflows that are summarized and anonymized  I retrieve an object from database that is passed to the page. I associate a set of objects to that page parameter object based upon a different retrieve from database. For storytelling: I retrieve a dossier and for every document inside, I create and associate a ‘processable document’ that I want to show on the page. Each time this microflow is ran, I want to create a list of associated objects and show only that set of objects. Somehow, if I add this microflow to the upper microflow, it retrieves absolutely nothing. However, I use this to show and sort my list of associated objects on the page and that actually retrieves objects. In fact, it retrieves objects even from earlier states. If my list should show 5 items, it shows 5 items times the number of times I ran the previous microflow.  So if the user opens the dossier 5 times, the list shows 25 documents, whilst there are just 5. Somehow I cannot access and delete the history of old objects, but the page, when opening again, keeps them in memory and showing them again. There seems no way to clear the history of objects and only show the set of objects I just created. I’m checking the browser garbage collector in the console and they seem associated. Then why can’t I access them in the microflow before opening the page to clear them? Additionally, I cannot and don’t want to retrieve those associated objects from database, as they are new objects and only want to commit them until they are actually processed by the user.
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Deleting the previous set of previous temp should do the trick. Refresh in client ticked?

Another idea could be, instead of referencing from the temp object to the Page object you could add a temp *-* association and reference the temp objects from the page object. Thus after the loop add the list to the reference.

In that scenario you can SET the association, instead of ADD to the association and thus existing references from the Page object are over written.