How to pass a text input value to Microflow

Hello! I am a newbie and I know that similar questions have been asked, but I can’t find an appropriate example. I have a REST function for loading a Task with a given ID  How can I do that the user types in the ID, and this is passed to my Microflow? Which control do I need? My idea was maybe there have to be 2 dataviews nested, but does not work. Also that it is specified as page parameter is wrong. So the Id should be passed when user clicks the button “Get Task”, and then the information should be loaded into the text fields below.. I could not find a similar example in the “Crash course” or somewhere else Regards, Raimund
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Hello Mike,

OK, I made the input parameter as object

As output parameter it returns the Task coming from the REST API

Now, how can I get rid of the “page parameter”?

Because the user should enter the Id.
And in the home page, there is now a parameter expected to call the page:




now that I solved how to pass the input text value to the microflow, how can I get the result AFTER the button was pressed.

When I configure like this, the microflow will be called immediately after the page is opened/loaded (it always show object nr 1 because I set this to the initial value)

So I think the datasource for the second Dataview is wrong, it should not be the microflow, but listen to the button somehow.

How do I update fields after button was pressed? 



You are on the right track.  

In your microflow, make the parameter a Task object .  Then create a string variable in your microflow and set the value to $Task/_id (assuming that the _id attribute is a string).  That should do it.