how to get values of Header

Hi, I am calling a REST API from microflow whose data i am trying to store in database. But I am not able to get the data of Headers tab which i need to call another REST API. The Body data is coming in JSON format while the header data is coming in key-value pair. So if anyone can help me that how to get the data of Headers tab in microflow while calling the API so that the value can be used further to call another API.
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You can also do this without an extra module:

  • In the REST call activity, set the Response tab to “Store in an HTTP response”
  • Now you’ll have an object of type System.HTTPResponse
  • To import the JSON body, use an “Import with mapping” activity and the same import mapping you’re using today
  • To get the headers, use a “Retrieve” activity over association and you’ll get a list of HttpHeader objects, which are Key-Value pairs


JamCommons module from the appstore has a Java action that will get the headers for you.

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