object disappears before change/commit in microflow

Hi all, I have a submicroflow with a parameter 'Sample’. I use this parameter to create three variables from the date (daynumber, weeknumber en yearcode) and use these to change and commit the parameterobject attributes. I get this error; Object of type 'AQC_Samples.Sample' with guid '12666373951988528' cannot be updated, as it does not exist anymore. The variables are created and then the Sample object ‘disappears’ (as seen by debugging). The rights for Sample are correct. If I remove the commit and just keep the change the microflow passes the activity, jumps to the submicroflow above and fails on the next commit over there. Also no rollbacks or eventhandelers in the followed flow. Someone know this problem and a solution? My microflows start at ACT_SaveSampleZonderBarcode (zie eerste screenshot) then jumps to SF_MakeMetingen_FirstSample_Bulk (zie screenshot 2) followed by screenshot 3 (SF_FirstSampleBulk) and last the screenshot with the relevant microflow (SF_DagNrWeekNr) Greetings
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Hi Evangeline,


Is the object you're committing possibly a child of an instantiated object? I remember running into the same error when dealing with an autocommit issue (https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/committing-objects#how-commits-work). If this is the case make sure that the parent object is committed before you commit the child object.


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