How can I download a File using a REST call in a microflow? Getting errors CE0362 and cE0363 (details below)

In my microflow, I added a ‘Call REST’ activity. It is a Post. The return value is a file. I Selected “Store in a file document” . Now I see 2 errors : CE0362 System entity ‘System.HttpResponse’ is not allowed as a return type CE0363 The return type ‘System.HttpResponse’ must be a specialization of FileDocument Any suggestions on how to download a file via REST call?
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You can only use ‘Store in Filedocument’ if the response content is binary. Store it as an Http response and in the next activiteis check the format of the http response to get the file document out of it.

Would be even nicer if you can persuade the publisher to pass the file as binary.