Passing User Input Values to Variable in Microflow

Hello Experts –  I’m creating a microflow that loops through an entity and generates data. It’s a schedule maker. I’d like to prompt the user to select the week of the year for their new schedule (1 through 52). How do I do that, and then pass their entry to a variable in my microflow? I figured I had to store their entry first, so I created an entity for WeekOfYear with a “week” attribute based on enumeration with values 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . 52. They user would pick one. Now, ow do I then get that stored value into my variable?   Thanks, Mark
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But then how do I pull the “week” attribute (WeekOfYear entity / object) that the user just selected into a variable in my microflow?  That’s the part I’m missing. 


on your page, put a dataview connected to that week entity.
this is where your dropdown will be, and your button.

the button should call a microflow, and that microflow should take the input of an object (week entity)
you can access the user selected week now.



In other words, unfortunately you can’t call a Microflow and pass more than one object to it.

You need to create entities in the domain model and read/write those entities.

Sometimes you also need those entities to be persistent to take full advantage of the Mendix embedded logic.