How to see my search result on the other page?

Hi everyone, here I’m a very green Mendix-er. I’m working on a simple app. I’ve been trying to see the search result on call page. I tried the search field and search button, but it only works on the current page. But what I want is when I click the search button, it pops up another page to show my result. I tried to connect using microflows by returning my result as an object, but I couldn’t figure out how to display my microflow result on the page. Help is really needed.
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Create a helper object and attach the search result objects to that helper object. Then pass this helper object from one page to the other. The other page is then a dataview of that helper object and you can then use the association to show the result set.





This can be achieved using a Search object, which you use to capture the list of queried entity.

Domain model would look like this

And depending your requirement you could build several solutions.

  1. Use the Filterstring as search parameter

Dataview containing the search object when hitting search a microflow will run, retrieving the matching records.

  1. And show that in the next page, where the Search object is the context object and the shown list is retrieved over association


  1. another option is to have the Search list in the first page using the default search option in the list widget, select them all and pass the filtered list into a microflow

    This microflow sets the association between the Serach object and the selected list and show it in the result page, same approach as 1st example


these are my two cents