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Hi, I try to retrieve with the help of a Microflow a list of objects, that match with the criterias to a selected object. (Kindergarten offer childcare spots, parents send their data to system and I want to show up matching applications for a certain spot.) For that purpose I have a database view on the spots that are used by microflows as a parameter for retrieving matching applications. This applications I want to show in a data view with the help of a microflow. My problem is, that I always get this error massage in the console, when I start the microflow.   Ignoring error for page ChildcareFacility/SPOT_Overview_MatchingCriterias.page.xml: Loading of a page has been superseded by request for ChildcareFacility/SPOT_Overview_MatchingCriterias.page.xml   What’s going wrong here? Thank you in advance!  
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I am assuming, but not sure, that you have configured the same microflow as onclick event that you also set as datasource for the grid. If not, even then maybe the next will give some pointers to a solution.

The way set it up the following will happen:

  1. User clikcs button
  2. executes your microflow, retrieving a list and showing a page. Note that the outgoing list will not be used by Mendix.
  3. Mendix renders the page and then the datagrid will call the data source microflow to retrieve the data, but this microflow opens a new page. etc

This causes a loop.


Solution: split the microflows in one ACT_ microflow that only does the show page and one DS_ microflow that retrieves the data.

I hope this helps.