Is it possible to retrieve a list of specializations in a microflow?

Hi all, I’d like to be able to use a retrieve action, to retrieve a list of specializations and not generalizations, to handle in a microflow. Here is a simplified example of what I’m working with I have a microflow with the parameter Variable. I would like to directly retrieve a list of Product, but currently I have to retrieve a list of Level, loop through it, and use the Object decision/cast to only handle objects with the Product specialisation. Anyone got any tips on how to do this cleanly?  Cheers  
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You can retrieve a list of product directly when you use a database retrieve in your microflow. Because it's a specialisation you can use the association to your parameter, so just set the x-path like this “[Module.Level_Variable = $Variable]”


Also keep in mind that both the specialization and the generalization share the same id field. That helped me out once or twice in those specific cases.