Generic Microflow to show pages for different dashboards

Team, I have 5 tiles on my home page, where in each shall point to a different Tableau dashboard.  The tiles consists of 2 parameters, one is Tableau Library URL – Common link for all the dashboards. Tableau Visualization URL specific to that dashboard    Currently I have 5 different microflows all doing by setting these 2 members from the constants.  My problem is how to have one generic microflow that can pass these 2 parameters (either using enums or any other ways)  Any help is appreciated.  generic microflow
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Hi Guru,

First, instead of constants, you could consider creating a ‘Settings’ entity in your database where you can store the URL's. The advantage of this is that if the URL ever changes, it's also easy to change it in your database, making your application more maintainable.

Next, like you mention, you could pass an enum per tile, as a parameter to a generic microflow, where you can then use a decision split to decide which URL to use.

Basically you will then have 5 flows all calling the same generic microflow.