See log messages in Studio Pro?

Hi, where in Studio can I find my latest log messages when in run an app on localhost? Thanks! Tjark
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The log messages appear in the console, but only if the log level is set correctly. The action in the picture is sending messages on log level Trace so we have to enable viewing Trace messages in the console. To set the log level, click here in the console:

Then, search for the log node that is being used in the Log Message node, in my case called ‘magic’:

Set it to Trace to view messages being sent on the trace log level.

Now the messages should be visible.


Hi Tjark,

You can find these in the console.

However, by default only log messages with log level ‘info’ or higher are shown in the log. If you want to see log messages with level trace or debug, go to advanced (in the top of your console) → set log levels and change the log level of the log node you write your message to

Hope this helps!


Thanks a lot! :)